In 1990, The Viljoen’s had a grand vision for the creation of a sweeping nature reserve, and so a collection of poorly managed, overgrazed farms was purchased in the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, and ChaZen (a name created by combining the names of the two brothers, Micha and Zen) was realised.

ChaZen’s primary mission – wildlife conservation – began with careful restoration of the land, applying practical approaches and methodologies for its rehabilitation, followed by the addition of a multitude of different species, each carefully selected for the quality of their genetics.  Over time, these species have thrived and have formed self-sustaining herds.

ChaZen Nature Conservation and Education Center was then created, an important resource to provide educational opportunities and activities, focusing on habitat restoration (and improvement) and to promote an understanding of the genetics of its resident species.


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Dear friends, thank you for protecting our most valuable resources. God bless you all!


Fantastic – Even more wonderful than I could have dreamt of. The animals of course – but the land is so beautiful and huge and all the surprises – sundowners. ChaZen is a wonderful place, and its because of your enthusiasm and family.


Your dedication to wildlife and nature conservation is an inspiration to many. Thank you for all you do and looking forward to returning in 2021

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From Garden To Table

From Garden to Table It was one of our visions to have seasonal vegetables planted and use them directly from the garden to the table. We just haven’t had the time to do so, but with this pandemic lockdown, we decided it is the appropriate time to get this project off...

African Civet

African Civet

We are delighted to share this information about the African Civet with you. Because of their rarity and generally very little known by the general public we have decided to help improve their number by adding them to our Ambassador Species at the Education Center. We...

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From Fruit to Marmalade

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